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Minimalism for those in search of mindfulness. This blog is a confluence of simplicity and inspiration, showcasing the best of the artists and products I love. Formerly Blog Milk Blog, the blog was launched in January 2012, covering design and lifestyle with a focus on art, interiors, fashion, food, photography and music. Everything with my readers' very best in mind.





I work with brands and influencers in some of the posts in order to create high quality content, such that will add value to my readers' lives. I usually work with brands that I've tested through time in my personal life—and while I'm open to product reviews, that doesn't guarantee I will make a post about a product if I don't fully believe it to be in sync with my values and lifestyle.
Feel free to contact me and introduce your brand. I'd love to hear about it!




I also work with individuals on several creative projects, from designing their e-books, to giving them one-on-one coaching on how to apply mindfulness to their blogging careers - helping them get the results they've been waiting for years in a matter of weeks.

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Disclaimer: The views represented in sponsored posts or about a brand are my own.